The change in society with time is natural. We adjust with the change. Every century has changed its social system, values and ethics. Some changes we accept with grace or fanfare while other reluctantly. Twenty-first century is proceeding in the same way. But, perhaps, we have lost ourselves some where in the process of developing the society. Twenty-first century is a century of  SPEED. Everything we need today with great speed - whether it is in the field of career or transportation. Twenty-first century is a century of COMPETITION. Today competition is very where - education, career, job, being rich, being powerful - every where - in a lawful way or otherwise. Twenty-first century can be called as the century of lawlessness.

          Today a person is migrating from one part of world to other at ease. This easiness has achieved in compromise to the depth. May be a lot of development has happened round the world, till we lost the humanity. We missed the social responsibility to maintain the speed. This has turned the society restless. This restlessness is observed everywhere in the society. Restlessness give raise to illness - physical and psychological.

           Everybody is running for comfort and peace by obtaining lot of device or peripherals. But we should realize that mantal comfort and peace of mind cannot be attained by these devices and peripherals. Everybody is running to stabilize future. While doing so we missed our present. Entangles ourself in impatience, confusion, grudge, jealousy and greed.

           ANUBHAB works to remain happy, keep happy and to know the life in a positive way. 

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Mr. Debasis Paul, Secretary, Anubhab Foundation, Allipurduar.

He is a successful businessman with a vision to develop a mindful society. He believe in the holistic development of life.

Mr. Bimalendu Oraon, Treasurer, Anubhab Foundation, Alipurduar. Well known face in the field of tribal  welfare. He is one of the founder member of Anubhab Foundation.